EBRO Standards

Best Real Estate, Personal Service, Professionalism. 
EBRO Real Estate was founded in 1977 by Eva-Brosi-Reichel. EBRO is known for both its standards in providing high-class real estate in the best locations of Munich and its business ethics which go over and beyond those of the classical broker. The foundation of this is a fine feeling for the wishes of each respective client, combined with absolute professionalism with regards to architecture and living.

At EBRO, a house or apartment is not just another property. It is always an independent piece of real estate whose style, location and structure we strive to understand. To understand and find the right match for a quick and successful sale/rental. The client is also not just another face at EBRO, but rather a person who is understood and accepted in his totality. So the words dependability, competence and respect for our client´s privacy are key to EBRO´s standards and aims.

EBRO Method

Quiet and fast or prestigious and public.
At EBRO Real Estate, we clarify early on how your property should be positioned. Should it be offered on the market or is it more appropriate, albeit for personal or strategic reasons, to make use of Eva Brosi-Reichel´s excellent contacts and those of her team of professionals.

EBRO Connections

Extensive Network in a Regional, International City.
Serving the market for exclusive real estate in a decidedly networked market like that in Munich is not something you learn in a short time. You are only at home here if you this has been your home for a long time. If you know the families who entrust in EBRO with regards to real estate matters, if you know the project developers, if you can count the respected/reputable planners and the best craftsmen as one of your valued/esteemed business partners - then you have made a good name for yourself in the world of real estate.